China Construction Metal Structure Association (abbreviated as CCMSA)was established in August of 1981 in Beijing. CCMSA has its registration approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs as the sole industry association in the construction metal structure materials field. It runs under the guidance of the Ministry of Housing and Urban- Rural Development(MOHURD) and under the scrutiny of the Ministry of Civil Affairs in business. CCMSA is a non-profit organization that is voluntarily formed by such enterprises engaged in the field of fenestrations, curtain walls, steel structures in construction, heating and heat elimination equipments, construction fasteners, construction mold and scaffolds, fittings for windows and doors, photovoltaic products for constructions, drainage equipments for constructions, related products that may match the above products and some service companies and related institutions (research and design institutions, universities, colleges, etc.). The tenet of this organization are holding high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, taking Deng Xiaopings theory and the Three Representative theory as the guideline, thoroughly applying and carrying out the scientific outlook on development, upholding the basic theory, the basic routes and basic guidelines of the party at the preliminary stage of socialism, conforming to the Constitutions, laws, legal rules and state policies, abiding by the socialism morality, fulfilling functions of practically providing services, reflecting petitions and regulating behaviors, fully displaying the role as bridges and bonds, enhancing self-discipline of industries, carefully performing the tenet of the tertiary industry oriented enterprises, drastically implementing strategies of self-proprietary innovations and sustainable development, facilitating technological advances in industries, upgrading industrial structures, transferring modes of industrial development and promoting healthy development of the industry. The main tasks of CCMSA are as follows: - Investigations and research shall be conducted in the challenging and popular topics that members are concerned with in the industry reforms, technology innovations, market dynamics and trends in the industry at home and abroad, with a combined perception of macro and micro respects, the academic and practical respects. Proposals shall be made of the development plan for this industry and related technological policies, for the government as a suggestion to decision makings. - Related polices in economics and technology, laws and regulations shall be carefully put through. This organization shall be organized to provide qualified products and services for the causes of constructions, with scientific and technological advances as the guide. - This organization shall accept authorizations of related departments of the government, or be entrusted to make, revise products and standards, rules, product quality certifications for engineering technology, and shall accept other work entrusted by governmental departments, in accordance with related regulations of the State. - This organization shall participate in technological exchanges and develop friendship and cooperation among civil societies both at domestic and overseas markets, in order to provide information for enterprises, disseminate modern scientific knowledge, hold technological consultations and actively support enterprises to tap into international markets. This organization shall develop intelligence, cultivate talents, hold varieties of technological and management training or symposiums and entrust related colleges or institutes to offer courses in technical secondary school and junior college classes, in order to improve the technological qualities and capacities of management and operations. - This organization shall supervise the members for operations in accordance with the laws, for facilitating healthy competitions among manufacturing enterprises, and filing report and verifying any violations of the constitutions of the association or damages of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, unjustified competitions, fraudulence, etc. Once deemed true, this organization may render warnings, inside criticism, notified criticism, eliminations of membership or other punishment measures. This organization shall coordinate the industrial production scale, industrial behaviors, member companies relations, process requirements of members, and organize anti-dumping, anti-monopoly, anti-subsidy investigations in the industry before reporting to the related governmental departments, adopting measures and protecting the industrial safety. - This organization shall guide and push enterprises to transform operating mechanism with market orientations, actively facilitate the establishment of modern enterprise system as well as all categories of economic cooperation, horizontal ally, mutual assistance, taking strengths of others to make up for the weaknesses, and efficiently using resources among members. This organization shall organize the development for new products, new technology, new equipment and new materials, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the members in accordance with related laws and regulations of the State. - Entrusted by the government or demanded by the needs for development of the market and industry, this organization shall organize exhibitions to actively expand markets for enterprises, where necessary measures shall be adopted to resist fake and defective products to get into the construction market. - This organization shall conduct industrial statistics, command the dynamics of the industrial development at both domestic and overseas markets, as well as collect and release industrial information in accordance with authorizations. This organization shall actively hold commonwealth causes and serve good purposes in industrial magazines, website, technological books editing, publishing as well as releasing with an aim to provide information for exchanges in this industry, publicize new technology, new products and the advanced experience of enterprises. The type of membership of CCMSA is Unit Member. All enterprises engaged in the field of steel structures, wood windows and doors, aluminum windows and doors, curtain walls, PVC windows and doors, curtain walls, heating and heat elimination equipments, construction fasteners, construction mold and scaffolds, fittings for windows and doors, photovoltaic products for constructions, drainage equipments for constructions, related products that may match the above products and some service companies and related institutions such as research and design institutions, universities, colleges, etc. If they agree with the constitutions of CCMSA and have the willingness to join the work of this association and to pay membership fees, they can file written applications, with the approval of the Standing Supervisory Board, the membership of CCMSA will turn valid. There are 3320 existing members in this association. CCMSA has set up a supervisory board composed of 488 persons, who are professors from universities and college, experts from institutions as well as colleges and universities, leaders from enterprises and associations in different provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. The board is an executive organ of the representative assembly of members. Its main tasks are as follows: --To carry out the resolutions of the representative assembly of members --To make decisions on the tasks and important items of the association --To report the work and financial reports to the representative assembly --To prepare for holding the representative assembly of members, etc. A Standing board of directors composed of 232 senior persons has also been set up. Its main tasks are as follows: --To implement the resolutions of the supervisory board. --To put forward the various proposals discussed on the supervisory board --To lead the secretariat of the association and to guide the work of the specialized committees. As a standing body, Secretariat has such secondary branches as office, finance department, information department, training department, quality department, liaison department etc, In order to strengthen the development of various specialized field, the association has established several specialized committees . They are as follows:: --Steel C wood Doors and Windows Committee --Aluminum Doors and Windows and Curtain walls Committee --Plastic Doors and Windows Committee --Heating and Heat Elimination Equipments Committee --Construction Steel Structure Committee --Construction Fittings Committee --Construction Mold and Scaffold Committee --Construction fasteners Committee -- Construction Photovoltaic Components Committee -- Construction Drainage Equipments Committee, etc. In order to strengthen the propaganda of this industry, the magazine of China Construction of Metal Structure has been set up. Under the universal coordination of this association, its subsidiaries and magazine will organize and implement the given tasks in their industries and fulfill their functions entitled by the constitution.